Sample Voice Health App

This sample app is meant to give you a sense for what is possible using Speebly on Apple Watch. The sample app is called "Apple a Day”. It takes voice commands to either read data or add data to Apple Health.

More About the Sample Watch App

A Stand Alone Voice App

This sample app is a stand-alone voice-first app, it doesn't use any images in the display. Yours could have any images you like.

Open by Clicking the App Icon

Users click the red apple icon on the watch to open the app and start talking. You would use your own app icon.

Open With Siri

With Siri Shortcuts, users can open the app using their voice by saying “Hey Siri, Talk to Apple a Day”. Your voice app would have whatever Siri invocations phrases you like.

Leverage a Google or Alexa Agent

While we did not do this, you can connect existing Dialogflow, Voiceflow, Jovo or other agents to make them available on Apple Watch.

Submitting to the App Store

To make it easy, we can submit your Apple Watch app to the App Store for you. Of course, you can also do it yourself.

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Voice Developer?

Take your existing voice agents and make them available on Apple Watch.

Work with your customers to offer them a way to expand their reach to Apple Watch.
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