Voice SDK for iOS

Extend Siri to let users talk to your iPhone app, hands free.

"Hey Siri, Talk to My App"

Use Siri to open the agent with an easy to remember shortcut, then voice kit takes over. Users can also tap to open from inside your app.

Hands Free App Use
Users can use your app with their voice, no need to use their hands.

Support Multiple User Queries
Once users are into voice kit, you can handle any number of user requests.

Non-Technical Content Management
Content is managed in the cloud by a non-technical resource using Google Actions or Google Dialogflow. Also, can be done with Jovo.

Instantly Live Content
Change it in the cloud, instantly live.

Leverage Client or Cloud Functions
Use functions already written in your client or in the cloud.

Offloaded Language Model
Language model is in the cloud.

Offloaded Localization (Languages)
Languages (French, etc) are in the cloud managed by a non-technical resource.

Real-time transcriptions, fully customizable UI, increase accessibility, metrics, deep links.

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