Circles of safety

If everyone in your circle washes their hands, everyone will be safer.

A touchless voice activated timer makes sure everyone washes for the correct time.


How does it work?

Get the app + enter circle code (or create new circle)
Wash using "Hey Siri, start hand wash"
Share your code to grow the circle + see circle stats


What is a circle? 

The circle of people you interact with at work, school or home. If everyone in the circle washes, everyone is safer.

How does a circle start? 

One person creates a code and shares it with their circle.

How do I invite people to a circle? 

Tell them your circle code. Everyone in a circle shares the same code.

How do I know if my work place or school already has a circle?

You'll have to ask around at your work or school. If you can't find an existing circle, start one of your own.

Is it anonymous?

Yes. No personally identifiable information is collected in the use of the app. Stats are displayed in aggregate.

What does it cost?

It is free. Institutional users can contact us for fees and terms.
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